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Welcome to Markazul Uloom Al-Islamiyya
Tuesday • 18 June 2024
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Welcome to Markazul Uloom Al-Islamiyya

Markazul-Uloom Al-Islamiyya (MUA) was founded in 1991 and converted into a purpose-built mosque in 2010. It currently accommodates more than 1000 worshippers, a number of whom attend from surrounding areas. We believe that the fundamental purpose of MUA is to express the sentiment of the final testament to mankind where the fruits of tawhid – (Abrahamic) Monotheism, birr – righteousness, taqwa – God consciousness, ihsan – striving for perfection and makarim’l akhlaq – ethics of the highest order are evident for all to see..

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To provide the diverse Muslim community with a place where they can perform their acts of worship and conduct various social affairs.

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